Why Shouldn’t Chemicals Be Used for Drain Cleaning? What’s the Alternative?

Many people purchase a bottle of drain cleaner if they have a clog they can’t get rid of by plunging. However, drain cleaners are made from highly toxic chemicals and shouldn’t be used in a home as they’re not likely to work as well as they should. Instead, the homeowner will want to try a something else they can do on their own or call a professional for help.

Why Aren’t Drain Cleaners a Good Idea?

Drain cleaners are made from incredibly toxic chemicals designed to eat through a clog so water can flow freely again. These are dangerous to store, especially if there are small children in the home, and they likely won’t work as well as they should. Instead of completely clearing a clog, they might only clear a little bit of the clog. In most cases, they won’t have a noticeable impact on the problem.

What Other DIY Options Are There?

Instead of trying toxic drain cleaners, homeowners can try to fix the issue on their own. For small clogs, pour a little bit of baking soda down the drain followed by a little bit of vinegar. The chemical reaction can help break down some clogs, and both of these materials are safe to use. If that doesn’t work, it might be a good idea to try cleaning the p-trap under the sink, which should be easy to unhook, clear, and replace. Another option is using an auger to try to break through the clog.

When Should a Homeowner Call a Pro?

Homeowners should contact a professional if they cannot get rid of the issue on their own or if they simply don’t want to fool with the pipes in their home. If none of the DIY options work well, the professional has better tools that can likely clear the clog. If a homeowner doesn’t want to try to solve the issue on their own or isn’t confident in their ability to do so, a professional can have it taken care of the issue for them.

If your sink drain won’t clear, don’t grab a chemical drain cleaner to try to fix the issue. Instead, try some of the DIY solutions available or contact a pro for help. Calling a pro is going to be the fastest way to have drain cleaning done, and it likely won’t be too expensive.